Carla Comellini, associate professor of English literature at the University of Bologna, is Director of the Canadian Studies Centre "Alfredo Rizzardi," and a member of the Doctoral Committee on "European Literatures" (Bologna University). She has written extensively on the work of D.H. Lawrence and G. Greene and is the author of several essays and articles on British and Canadian writers as well as South-African, Australian and North-American Native authors. She translated several poems by Canadian author J. Newlove and has served on the boards of various international journals and conferences.

Sabina D'angelo, business consultant.

Laura Failli VICEPRESIDENTE has long collaborated with the Siena-Toronto Centre (University of Siena), bringing her students to various cultural events and encouraging them to participate in the dialogue between writers and scholars. She teaches English language and literature at Liceo scientifico "G. Galilei" in Siena.

Laura Ferri DIRETTORE OPERATIVO has been involved in the promotion and study of Canadian literature in Italy for several decades as former cultural coordinator of the Siena-Toronto Centre and translator of various works of fiction and poetry. Authors she has translated into Italian include Al Purdy, Margaret Atwood, Dennis Lee, Margaret Avison, Jane Urquhart, Carl Sandburg, André Alexis and, most recently, Mary Melfi. She has published articles in numerous literary journals in Canada and Europe. Her essays on Alice Munro appeared in the bibliography of Racconti, a collection of Munro's most distinguished short stories, published by Mondadori.

Fabrizio Ghilardi PRESIDENTE teaches History of International Relations at the University of Pisa. He has held courses and conferences in Argentina, Guatemala, Albania, Canada and Italy on behalf of the Foreign Ministry and the Naval Academy. His publications include: L'Europa degli equilibri (1987); Italia e Canada 1947-1951; Due esperienze a confronto (1997); Il Canada nel sistema postwestfaliano (2001); Il sistema internazionale postwestfaliano; Crisi, trasformazioni e prospettive rivoluzionarie (2007); Multilateralismo e multiculturalismo L'esperienza canadese, (2011); and Identità, interculturalità, universalismi. Gli occidentali e gli altri (2012).

Valentina Guarnieri SEGRETARIO TESORIERE a Pharmaceutical Chemistry graduate, teaches in the Master's program in Industrial and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Siena and Chemistry at Liceo artistico "D. di Buoninsegna" and Istituto professionale "C.Cennini" in Siena. She also holds a diploma in piano and singing from the Musical School "R. Franci" and has performed in various polyphonic groups. As a soloist, she has participated in numerous musical events and contests, including the Baroque Music Festival in Arolsen, Germany, and the closing concert of the National Eucharistic Congress in Siena. While continuing her studies in Baroque music, she has collaborated with the Accademia Musicale Chigiana of Siena and the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (Florence May Festival).

Jon Redfern retired professor of English and ESL studies at Centennial College, Toronto, is the author of the novels The Boy Must Die (2001) and Trumpets Sound No More (2007), both of which earned him the Arthur Ellis Award, Canada's sole literary prize for professional crime writers. He received a PhD from the University of Toronto and over the past ten years has lectured on Canadian literature at the Siena-Toronto Centre.

Caterina Ricciardi is a professor of American Literature at Roma Tre University, where she is on the advisory board of CROMA (Centro per lo studio di Roma). A member of the advisory board of the Ezra Pound International Conference, she has written extensively on American Modernism and on Canadian authors, and translated into Italian contemporary Canadian poets such as Margaret Atwood, Al Purdy and Dennis Lee. A former president of AISC (the Italian Association for Canadian Studies), she is the author of various publications on Ezra Pound (1991, 2004, 2006, 2013), Northrop Frye (1992), and Postcolonial intertextuality (2008).