Events and Individual Activities on behalf of the Association


2017/01/31 - John Esling (University of Victoria, BC) will lecture on "The Phonetics of Speech". flyer in pdf


2016/11/8-11 - Yvette Frenette lectures on "Immigration to Canada". flyer in pdf

2016/11/3 - CanaDiana Short Story Readings by Jon Redfern. flyer in pdf

2016/09/8 - Festival della Letteratura di Mantova - Jane Urquhart con Laura Ferri - PASSEGGIO NEL GIARDINO DEL SUO PALAZZO IMMAGINARIO. flyer in pdf

2016/06/14 - Maureen Scott Harris e Jane Munro prsentate da Laura Caretti leggono poesie dalle loro opere Drowing Lessons e Blue Sonoma. flyer in pdf

2016/05/6 - Francesca Valente presenta l'opera di David Young "Glenn". flyer in pdf

2016/04/30 - Nicoletta Barbarito - A Literary Walk down the Streets of Siena. flyer in pdf

2016/04/18 - Francesco Francioni presenta Bill Graham "The call of the world. A political memoir". flyer in pdf

2016/04/14-19-20 - Richard Greene reads and lectures in Siena, Firenze, Ravenna, Bologna. flyer in pdf

2016/03/30 - Presentazione del libro curato da Alessandra Bordini "Sussurri dall'acqua" (Drowning Lessons di Maureen Scott Harris). flyer in pdf

2016/03/3-4 - CanaDiana Short Story Readings - Presentations by Mary Condè of Alice Munro's "Goodness and Mercy" flyer in pdf


2015/12/15 - Zelda Alice Franceschi (Università di Bologna): L'esperienza di Franz Boas all'Isola di Baffin (1883-1884). Riflessioni dalle sue lettere e dal suo diario di campo. flyer in pdf

2015/12/03 - Herbert Maschner at Liceo G. Galilei, Siena lecturing on "Endangered Peoples, Endangered Species: Humans in the Environment of the North Pacific"

2015/11/19 - The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson e John Ralston Saul talking about "Identity and Belonging" with Francesco Francioni (European University Institute) and Fabrizio Ghilardi (president of CanaDiana) at Siena Italian Studies, Siena. flyer in pdf

2015/11/10-12 - Jon Redfern reading and lecturing in Siena at Liceo G. Galilei and Bologna at Centro Canadese "Alfredo Rizzardi": Author and Reader: a Brief Overview of the English Language Detective Novel. Readings from the author's historical novel, Children of the Tide. paper in pdf

2015/11/3-5 - Licia Canton reading from Almond Wine and Fertility/Vino alla mandorla e fertilità in Siena, at Liceo G. Galilei and Bologna at Centro Canadese "Alfredo Rizzardi"

2015/10/19-21 - Olive Senior's lecturing and reading tour to Siena, at Siena Italian Studies and Bologna, Centro Canadese "Alfredo Rizzardi" flyer in pdf

2015/07/15 -Translation Workshop at Centro Canadese A.Rizzardi, Università di Bologna

2015/06/19 - MARLENE GOLDMAN - Re-Imagining Dementia: Alice Munro's "In Sight of the Lake"
paper (pdf) - Andrea Marzi's comment (pdf)

2015/06/09 - Alessandra Bordini participating and being interviewed at “Books and Biscotti” literary event to be held on Tuesday, June 9, on behalf of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers, at the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver BC, as part of the Italian Heritage Month celebrations. Special Presentation: GENERAZIONI, by Ornella Sinigaglia. A short documentary film about Vancouver’s Italian Community, followed by a brief discussion.

2015/05/29 - Feminarte, Conservatorio Santa Marta, Montopoli (PI)

2015/04/23 - Laura Ferri presenting "The Food of Memory: Mary Melfi's Italy Revisited - Conversations with My Mother" at BACS Conference 2015, London UK


2014/12/18 - Fabrizio Ghilardi giving the lecture "Deep Ecology" a Napoli, Università Orientale

2014/11/19 - Sharing the Nile Waters - Elizabeth Wickett, Stephen Brichieri-Colombi

2014/10/08 - CanaDiana Lectures and Readings with Janice and Michael Keefer and Dennis Cooley
Janice K. Keefer's talk (pdf)

2014/05/05 - La comunità italiana nella British Columbia - Anna Foschi

2014/04/29 - Mary Kay O'Neil Lowy talking about 'A Psychoanalyt's Gift: Lillian Malcove as Collector'
Mary Kay O'Neil Lowy's talk (pdf) - images for the talk (pdf) - Andrea Marzi's comment (pdf)


2013/11/15 - Canadian Women's Postcolonial Writing - A Symposium

2013/10/23 - Varianti linguistiche e culturali nell'anglo-canadese - Carla Comellini, Jon Redfern

2013/10/22 - Identità, Interculturalità, Universalismi. Gli Occidentali e gli Altri - Fabrizio Ghilardi

2013/10/10 - Meeting Canadian Authors and Scholars - LINDA KNOWLES, GENNI GUNN

2013/05/22 - Meeting Canadian Authors and Scholars - DEBORAH WILLIS